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Welcome to California Legal Converters

The Air Resources Board of California adopted new regulations on January 1st of 2009 that required all replacement catalytic converters to be certified for sale in California. In addition to the legal requirements, these California catalytic converters are designed to meet today's more stringent emission regulations. brings you the broadest California legal catalytic converter offering from two of the industry's leading manufacturers - Magnaflow and Catco. In addition, we are offering oxygen sensors by Walker Products - a global leader in replacement parts.

While the emission systems in today's vehicles consist of many complex and integrated parts, we have designed this site to be both informative and educational. Catalytic converters typically do not fail on their own. There is usually an underlying cause that results in catalytic converter failure and it is important to find that cause before replacing the catalytic converter to prevent future problems.

While it is a legal requirement that California certified catalytic converters be sold into the state of California, there are many other states where vehicles with California emission operate.  While it is not required by law to use California certified catalytic converters in these other states (with the exception of New York), they are designed to meet the stringent tolerances that are designed into California vehicles. It is highly recommended to install California Certified catalytic converters on vehicles with California emissions as they give the best opportunity to function properly and prevent check engine lights from illuminating.     

As of June 1st, 2013, New York has also adopted a variation of California's laws, which covers vehicles with California Emissions of model years 1993, 1994, 1996, and newer.  These laws, however, are not scheduled to be enforced until January 1st, 2014.

If you're not sure whether you're vehicle has California or Federal emissions, please review our
Engine-Identification guide.

We invite you to explore this informative website to learn about how catalytic converters and oxygens function for your vehicle, helpful tips about failing and failed catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, and the legal aspects of the California emission requirements for catalytic converters as specified by the California ARB.  But the most unique portion of is our online application catalog.  Here you will find easy navigation to the California catalytic converters and oxygen sensors that fit only your vehicle.  And where other catalogs wait to confuse you with engine family (EFN) requirements after they have listed the parts that fit your OBDII vehicle, we have integrated this important and absolutely required information into the application selection process. 

California catalytic converter information and requirements aren't always easy to find or understand.  And we hope and trust that this website will only clarify your questions and needs.